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Verna of Wyoming started this group in 2003.  At that time we met in a small coffee shop in Wyoming.  We were a very small group with sometimes only three players attending (three friends who have been playing for several years.
Then in 2004 the group moved to another small coffee shop, this time in Forest Lake, where we gained a few players.
Mansetti's Pizza on Broadway became our home in 2005.  Mansetti's has been very accommodating and this location seems to be working the best for us at this time.  By the end of May 2006, we had approximately ten players that attended on a regular basis.
Beginning in September 2007, we are affiliated with the National Scrabble Association (NSA) as "NSA Club #660".  Our group is now mentioned on the NSA website (see NSA Play for website address).  Hopefully players looking for a game will find us by searching that site.  
In order to be an official NSA Club, we must have a Director that has taken and passed a test and paid a fee to be a Director sanctioned by the NSA.  That Director is Mary Huizel.  Basically, the Director is in charge of the club, making sure rules are followed and adjudicating any questions or conflicts.
An NSA club can be organized in any way the members of the club would like to have it organized.  For the first time, we will play according to two separate systems.  One is "Friendly Play" and the other is according to the "NSA" Official Club and Tournament Rules. 
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