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You must challenge your opponent's play before he/she draws new tiles.  Therefore, as soon as your opponent completes his/her play by saying his/her score, say "HOLD".  You will have time to think about the word and decide if you want to challenge or allow the play.  While HOLDING, your opponent cannot draw new tiles.  If you do decide to challenge, you use either form of adjudication book or computer.  Also see ADJUDICATION section.

A laptop computer will be at each session with the program Zyzzyva.  Zyzzyva is a word judging program that is very operator friendly.  If you are challenging a word, go to the computer and the person challenging the play enters the words (we recommend you enter all words, even those you think are good).  The person who played the words checks to be sure they are entered correctly and then presses the TAB key.  The program will automatically let you know if the words are acceptable or not acceptable.  If the computer responds with "UNACCEPTABLE",  it will not tell you which of the words are unacceptable.  Ask the Director to tell you about a very valuable costly lesson.  Between games, feel free to check other words that you considered or wanted to challenge.

If the laptop is unavailable, the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Fourth Edition, or the Official Tournament and Club Word List, Second Edition, will be used.  If you are using a book for adjudication, a player from another game will look up the word(s) challenged and announce whether the play (meaning all words) are acceptable.  DO NOT ANNOUNCE which words are unacceptable -- only state acceptable (meaning all plays are acceptable) or unacceptable (meaning at least one of the words is unacceptable).

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