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Friendly Play
Friendly play is pretty much what you are used to playing at home.  It is much more relaxed than NSA play. 
Clocks are not used. 
You cannot use a dictionary or any word list. 
If you have three of the same letter on your rack, you can exchange one of them without losing a turn. 
Challenges are not free. 
We tend to allow friendly conversation, but will graciously stop if asked. 
Sometimes when someone is VERY stumped, we help each other.  This is more common at the end of a game where the scores are not close.  But, we do not allow words to be looked up by even the "helpers".  If an opponent objects to help, we graciously stop. 
During friendly play, usually only one player keeps score, however if you would prefer, both can. 
We play two-player games, and rather than taking a bye, we play three-player games when necessary.
If you and your opponent can find a solution to any disagreement, you are welcome to do so.  If you need someone to step in and make a decision, the Director will be available.
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